Day 4: Chicago, Illinois, Part 2

Day 4: Chicago, Illinois, Part 2

July 17, 2012 | Blog, Road Trip | No Comments

Let me just say that we have been to nearly every science and industry museum east of the Mississippi. We’re members of the Schenectady Museum, which grants us free or reduced admission to hundreds of museums across America. Determined to get her money’s worth, my mother has been taking us to museums since I can remember. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, however, takes the cake.

It was simply phenomenal. A real tornado-simulator took up two floors, and a gigantic spinning dish of sand illustrated the mechanism of an avalanche.

The Genetics exhibit talked about epigenetics, patterns of inheritance, and the future of genetic engineering (all things that I am wholly enthusiastic about, having written a 40-page research paper about epigenetics just this past spring).

The Fast Forward exhibit brought us completely into the future, with edible food printers (!) and cars that get 300 miles per gallon.

In one activity, B&C and I met Stan, a robot “patient”, and competed with four other groups to see if we could offer the correct diagnosis based on some simple observation and his vitals. One group went up for their turn to examine Stan, and I took particular pride in noticing the elevated ST complexes on his EKG, which indicated his acute myocardial infarction (a heart attack).

We went to Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria for dinner (Chicago deep dish pizza—another reason to live here!), and browsed the Money Museum in the Federal Reserve. I wish we didn’t have to leave Chicago, but there’s an entire unexplored Midwest that we have yet to see!

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