Day 2: Porter Beach, Indiana

Day 2: Porter Beach, Indiana

July 15, 2012 | Blog, Road Trip | No Comments

We spent most of the morning on the road, and ended up making the happy discovery that E-Z Passes still work in Indiana! It’s not the most momentous of discoveries, but I figure that with the number of toll plazas we’ve gone through since leaving Albany, it could probably save us a few hours of driving time.

I was also surprised to learn that we’re still on I-90 West. How long does this road go on for?

It turns out that Ohio rest stops are wonderfully designed, and look almost like airports, albeit very small ones surrounded by semis and gas stations.

From my dad’s iPad notes:

“Stopped at the last service area in Ohio… Ohio freeway service areas are well built and [more] elaborate than what we [saw] in Indiana.”

(Typical dad, writing about rest stops. I guess I can’t judge, since I’m doing the same thing. I suppose that even rest stops become interesting after 8 hours of staring at the backs of everyone’s heads).

We drove past Notre Dame’s campus, which was gigantic, though probably one of the most gorgeous campuses I’ve seen (except for Union, of course!). I definitely prefer the St. Lawrence campus though—at least I can walk from one end to the other in ten minutes!

After lunch, we spent the afternoon at Indiana Dunes National Seashore, which was nothing short of beautiful. Lake Michigan was warm and sparkling, with shallow sandbars showing up as sections of lighter blue water, and the dunes made for some great pictures.

Caroline buried Ben in the sand, at his request. After tracking sand all over the car, we reached Chicago at around 8.

Ben looking respectable, as usual.

One more surprise–we’re now on Central time! Fancy that.

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