Day 15: Zion National Park

Day 15: Zion National Park

July 28, 2012 | Blog, Road Trip | No Comments

Welcome to Zion!

We went on an excellent hike through the park, which took us across the Silver River. Dad found a ridiculous hiking stick that made him look like Moses parting the Red Sea. The river was pretty shallow, but the rain that blew in while we were crossing didn’t help matters.

Oh, and Caroline didn’t finish her sandwich from lunch, so she dragged it around all day with her. It became known as the “Sacred Box of Sandwiches.” By the end of the day, it bore a striking resemblance to dog food.

Driving to the hotel tonight was fairly terrifying. There were probably six different occurrences of deer trying to cross the road in only an hour, and of course, deer crossing signs were nowhere to be found.

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