Day 14: Bingham Canyon, Utah

Day 14: Bingham Canyon, Utah

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That is all that needs to be said.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of B&C’s first trip to the most wonderful fast food restaurant in the history of the world. But the fries were just as wonderful as I remember–I haven’t had In-N-Out since we moved out of California when I was eight. (It’s been 10 years. I feel so old.)

We spent part of the day touring the Kennecott Copper Mine in Bingham Canyon, the second-largest man made hole in the world, and the largest excavation effort. I simply can’t describe how gigantic this pit was. The mine is two and a half miles in diameter and 3/4 of a mile deep. If it’s any perspective, a yellow schoolbus at the bottom of the canyon looked about a centimeter wide from where I was standing.

But first we toured Salt Lake City.

Spotted: blue Mazda MPV! That brings the total up to 3.

This is the typical tire used by the dump trucks, that bring the raw ore up through the canyon.

And the canyon. Again, this doesn’t do it justice. Although it is good to keep in mind that the tiny dump truck in the bottom left hand corner has tires just like the ones pictured above.

On our way out of Salt Lake City, my mother was astounded to learn that people keep llamas as pets.

And there was a double rainbow.


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