Day 12: Grand Teton National Park

Day 12: Grand Teton National Park

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I’m going to skip going in chronological order for a bit and describe the most memorable thing I learned here. We stopped at a small lodge, inquired at the restaurant, and were told that lunch would be $82 a person, unless you were staying at the lodge, which was upward of $450 a night.

This was Jenny Lake Lodge, which looked for all the world like a cozy woodcutter’s cabin, tucked away in a forest enclave.

Considering that everyone I saw today was bedraggled, covered in dirt, and wearing sneakers, I couldn’t figure out why there would need to be such a pricey place in the middle of a national park. Mysteries aside, the park was still lovely.

Jenny Lake, despite its obscenely priced lodge, was beautiful.

I love when classroom discussions and lessons overlap into real life. Above is the Snake River, which we talked about in Gen Bio. Its dams have horribly detrimental effects on the salmon populations that depend on it for survival, and after seeing a dam up close, I understood why.

Biology class aside, there were some excellent views of the surrounding Tetons.

The wildlife, as in Yellowstone, was wonderfully nonchalant about the overwhelming human presence. The beaver (pardon the out-of-focus photograph) above was hard at work building a dam while countless people avidly documented its progress, and the moose immediately below it had her calf trailing close behind her.

There was a pretty solid traffic jam where the moose was, as soon as word got out about her.

After days upon days of national parks, Jackson Hole was a sight for sore eyes.

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