Day 11: Yellowstone, Part 2

Day 11: Yellowstone, Part 2

July 24, 2012 | Blog, Road Trip | No Comments

I think Caroline’s iPad note sums today up perfectly:

“Hello, Caroline here. All of the geysers and hot springs were pretty cool, but most of them smelled like death… I recommend looking at pictures. All the coolness but none of the stink.”

Yesterday I described never wanting to smell sulfur ever again. Today, the smells were, if anything, even worse than before.

But first we woke up right next to Old Faithful.

Although it didn’t really compare to Beehive Geyser, shown above, which rocketed into the air about four times as high as Old Faithful did.

Soon we made it to Yellowstone Lake, and its accompanying hot springs, all of which were beautiful and terribly smelly.

This one, shown above, is called Dragon Mouth Hot Spring.

Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon! I got very confused when I heard we were near the Grand Canyon, I assumed they meant the one in Arizona, and I wondered if I really had mixed up my geography that badly.

The wildlife here, especially the elk shown above, weren’t afraid of us at all. Personally, I would have turned tail and fled if I had seen a horde of tourists charging toward me with their cameras.

The last hot spring we visited was definitely the most beautiful: Prismatic Spring, shown here at sunset.

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